Sunday, September 20, 2015

63 Degrees and Fancy Free

A beautiful Fall day is thrumming along outside my open windows. I can smell cookouts, and the beginning of my neighbors' nights outside with their chimenea. Heavier sheets are on the beds, thicker lap quilts dot the furniture, wherever a book and hot chocolate are likely to coincide.

While cleaning up all I let slide while I was in the hospital throughout July, I wrote some letters and emails in response to the indescribably healing cards I've been sent, either for my health or the passing of my family members. If you haven't yet gotten a thank you, I am trying.

Last night was delightful. An adventure in the Charity arena, rum tasting the hook and the cause Animal Hospitals in the area. I confess unreasonable love for the Pirate Name with which I was bestowed - Dread Arse the Well-Endowed. I can affirm and attest that I did not come up with that myself, nor did my husband who was saddled with Dread Curly the Well-Endowed.

Today has been full of old friends finding me again, cleaning up the dusty remnants from summer as I welcome the first of my two favorite seasons, and preparing for a full week by getting lunches ready, organizing the dinner menu. I am doing my best not to overdo, but I am also taking full advantage of feeling better.

I'm delving back into my writing assignment (self imposed), and sipping the tea I made earlier. I might read the second book in the series Nikki sent me (best friends really are the best, for ore reasons than I can count), or I might find something else to do around the house this evening. I feel encouraged that I have energy that's lasted into the evening. I feel hopeful that the symptoms lessened by this new aggressive treatment continue to dissolve. I am taking advantage of this reminder- it's nice to feel like myself again. I'm grateful for this time, however long it lasts.

I wanted to share the happy things - what my friend Jordan calls "YES! moments." There are bumps, and less easy things too, but today they are falling away easily, and it's important to hold on to that.

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