Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Thoughts

What has been going on since September?

It's a serious question, and life insists on making my answers to any such question either completely mundane or befuddling extremes.

In the weeks before Christmas, I'm watching favorite movies while readying our home for the holiday adventures. My doctors had to double my immunosuppression medication, so I won't be able to jump from party to party, but there are small groups I'm thrilled to meet up.

I'm meeting a surgeon this week. Perhaps surgery on my neck, before the end of the year. Once I know more, I'll share more.

I've been watching memories, wrapped as holiday cheer. One of my absolute favorites of all time, as anyone who has seen me in a Christmas skirt in mid-October baking Christmas Cookies can attest, is "Christmas in Connecticut." Barbara Stanwyck? Yes please! Uncle Felix getting words completely wrong, in his sweet little accent. I've never laughed harder - a grown man accusing a baby of "eating" a pocket watch!

Our tree, all two and a half feet of tabletop glory, is bedecked with cute "lodge themed" ornaments I love. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a wood-shavings bear, but the hedgehogs and antlers are sweet. Can't wait to get the extension cord so that we can light it up! The presents I've purchased are wrapped, there's a filled stocking on the floor (too much weight) and I'm thrilled about the other trinkets looking so adorable in their wrapping papers under/around the tree.

I adore the holidays. I know there's a ton of sadness I could be addressing, and politics galore. The reservoirs of my heart are depleted so much from this year. Be a source of joy for others. Lighten the load you carry - let go of hate, anger, jealousy, greed. I will not travel in darker places, there is too much beauty in the light.

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